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Tune in to inspiring and enlightening conversations between nationally acclaimed business expert (and a shoe lover and collector!), Jeanniey Walden, and female leaders from a wide array of industries.

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Sole Searching is where Jeanniey reflects on a moment in her career where she learned a valuable lifelong lesson - and how it relates to the current cultural conversation/news cycle.

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Witness a frank and honest discussion with an inspirational female business leader, providing insight into the challenges they faced in rising up the corporate ladder. These conversations offer actionable tips for listeners to create their own path to success and shatter whatever glass ceilings arise on their journey.

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Every Rising Stars segment Jeanniey interviews and showcases a rising female star in business who exemplifies the next generation of fearless and ambitious leaders.

And is there a woman in business who has inspired you? Who has changed your life? Do you have a Sole Sister and Shoe Shines guest suggestion? Or do you just want to recommend some killer heels? Send us your suggestions!

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